Hi I'm Sydney and All Time Low is more gay than I am. /

uh can i be the one who holds band members by the back of their pants so the crowd doesn't take them away yeah??? or something

Those people work at the venues but YES WE HAVE OUR OWN BECAUSE WE’RE SO POPULAR

oh man did i miss out are there any places left for a non musician?

Uhhhh we can probably squeeze you in somewhere. You can be… Uhhh drum tech!!! We don’t have one of those yet!!

I'm an English major. i can write shitty fanfic smut that totally creeps y'all out

Oh my god can I write my own Fanfiction too?!? I totally would. You’re hired!!

my copy of puosu was on stage at one show and alex talked about it and stuff and then have it back to me and him and jack signed it after the show. i would die if anything happened to it.

That’s so awesome, holy shit!!

hello can i be manager thats my dream job k

We’re so big we have two managers!! YAAASS

Can I sell merch and oh my god can I wear the band's merch like I would do this for little moneys if any

YAAAS three merch people!!

hello r we starting a band bc i can be the person who keeps people on track with emotions do bands have 1 of those

yes Kells you can be our own person therapist okay we’re going to need it especially me 

I'm here to join the crew 😎 and also to be your best friend hello

whoa I need friends okay you’RE IN

OK NO MORE PARENTHESIS I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE VERY NICE also i could do the lighting and stuff for your bands performances nn stuff


Lighting is super important you’re in